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This Prank Was Recorded In Big Bazaar Using A Hidden Camera.
Hope You Like It
Fingers Crossed…..
This video was recorded for the “Ugly Face Contest by EDBASSMASTER” , He is the original creator of this prank , unfortunately we couldn’t upload it during that time.
Edbassmaster(Our Inspiration) check out his channel or would you “Just Look At It” 😀

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Rahul Sharma (Prankster In This Video) :

Recorded by – Ankit Sharma –
Rishabh Sharma –

20 thoughts on “UGLY FACE – Most Awkward Conversation Ever… – Pranks In India | TST

  1. I literally laughed this much after a very long time.. Your acting is just unbeatable.. The control you have is really appreciating.. Hilarious video.

  2. hey guys make a one prank like that u helping someone and ask someone to help u to help him …

  3. So fuckin awesome…I was laughing so hard… That I thought I might Gonna die today… Hehehehe

  4. i haven't seen a prank like this. infinite likes for this. amazing control over expression. the actor gonna rise to sky… good luck

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