Hello guys, this is my top 10 movies on 2013… Check this and i hope u enjoy..
Thx ! ^_^

Movie List …

10. World War Z
9. A Good Day to Die Hard
8. Fast and Furious 6
7. After Earth
6. Hansel and Gretel
5. Oblivion ( i allready watch this movie at cinema. Cool movie, original story …awesome drones )
4. Pacific Rim
3. G.I JOE Retalation
2. Man of Steel ( SuperMan )
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20 thoughts on “TOP 10 ACTION MOVIES 2013

  1. WORLD WAR Z was not the greatest action movie. It was jews telling the world that they would destroy everything and then make you worship them. The rest….eh

  2. Great year for action films but Oblivion was a pile of monkey dung with it's horrendous dialogue, nonexistent story, unbearable CGI and forced acting by otherwise talented cast.

    Replace that, Pacific Rim, Furious 6, After Earth and Iron Man 3 with Parker, Escape Plan, Riddick and The Wolverine and you're set.

  3. The most suitable man who can play as man of steel is the one who played in Superboy with Kristin Kreuk

  4. What's the name of the movie that you show in 13:40??? Because that part that comes after pacific rims looks like J.I.Joe but I saw it and that part of the ninjas in the mountain side never happens.

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